SLAN 2012

Congratulations to the INF/Danone fellows that attended SLAN in Havana, Cuba. In this photo, INF President Ricardo Uauy is shown with INF/Danone fellows Virginia Natero (left) and Daniela Defago (right) at SLAN (fellows not pictured: Alejandra Juáregui, Alex Brito, photo courtesy of Daniel López de Romaña)


Congratulations to Dr. Rina Augusta

Congratulations to Dr. Rina Augusta, who has been selected as the latest INF Featured Fellow! Learn more about Dr. Rina and her experience as an INF/EMF Doctoral fellow and what research she is currently involved in.


INF Sponsors Fellowships to SEANLP for the first time

The South-East Asian Nutrition Leadership Programme (SEANLP) begins today in Jakarta! Thanks to sponsorship from Danone, INF is proud to support 4 fellows to this programme for the first time, joining the ranks of those NLP fellows on two other continents: the African NLP and the Latin American NLP. Congratulations to the SEANLP fellows!

This year’s World Food Prize winner is

This year’s World Food Prize winner is Dr. Daniel Hillel for his role in conceiving and implementing a radically new mode of bringing water to crops i­­n arid and dry land regions – known as “micro-irrigation.” At World Food Prize ceremony, the UN Secretary-General called for new approaches to combat hunger

Some of you may not be aware that Dr. Scrimshaw won the World Food Prize in 1991 for his work to alleviate malnutrition in developing nations, and this is a great video about his impact in the nutrition field.