Nevin S. Scrimshaw: January 20, 1918 – February 8, 2013


Dear friends and colleagues,

With deepest regrets and sorrow, we share with you the news that our mentor and friend Dr. Nevin Scrimshaw died February 8th in New Hampshire after a short illness.

Words fail to express the depth of the loss to his family, to this Foundation, and to the global nutrition community. We at INF will be taking a central role in his Memorial and are planning for an event this spring. We welcome your participation and will keep you informed.

In honor of Dr. Scrimshaw’s memory, the foundation board has created the Nevin Scrimshaw Memorial Advancement Fund.  The Fund will honor Dr. Scrimshaw’s enourmous contributions to nutrition research and population health and enliven his vision of nutrition research capacity building in the developing world.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on Dr. Scrimshaw, the the influence and inspiration he may have had in your career, and impact on nutrition and health in your country. Email us at or post on our Facebook page.



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