INF President Dr. Ricardo Uauy wins Chile’s National Science Award

ImageOn Tuesday, the Ministry of Education unanimously elected new National Award for Applied Science and Technology which was given to Dr. Ricardo Uauy Dagach-Imbarack. The doctor, who was president of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA) between 1994 and 2002, was recognized for his more than 250 scientific publications on various aspects of human nutritional requirements in health and disease. This time, according to the ministry of education, the decision was based on input from Uauy in shaping public policy and public health nutrition in our country.

The education minister, Harald Beyer, said that “the jury based this decision taking, especially in consideration his national and international scientific contributions outstanding in neonatal and pediatric nutrition, prevention of obesity, diabetes and contributions to public health policies and human development, particularly in Chile and in countries of low and middle income.”

Meanwhile, the winner, who is in Canada on a global meeting on cancer prevention, was proud of the award, thanking his house especially studies. “The University of Chile has been the source of inspiration, I owe my success to what I have received from the university in the broadest sense, teachers, professors, students often challeging the knowledge they want, somehow renewed, “said Dr. Ricardo Uauy.

Uauy began his studies as a surgeon at the University of Chile in 1972, completed his training in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Boston (Harvard University) and received a grant of Neonatology at Yale-New Haven Hospital (Yale University). He also has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1977.

This award was presented by a jury of the education minister, Harald Beyer, the rectors of the University of Chile, Victor Perez, and Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez, the last winner, Juan Carlos Castile, and President of CONICYT José Miguel Aguilera.

Translated from: August 28, 2012


One thought on “INF President Dr. Ricardo Uauy wins Chile’s National Science Award


    Congratulations for a well deserved prize. I have always been and I am impressed by your course, your knowledge for which you thank those who have transmitted it to you and that you continue to transmit to the generations of young nutritionists.

    I will be pleased to share the information with our members list, can we have a copy of it . Thank you


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